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    Ok Callisto - Madwand link is done.

    Madwand you just need to update your internal network with your new range.

    Madwand Personal Range:

    Your RB433 ( Linking to Calisto) IP:...

    Jypels Today, 00:15 Go to last post


    Thanks, I have done the callisto side allready.

    Jypels Yesterday, 23:20 Go to last post


    username: Jypels
    Password: Jyp3ls
    Just created for the RB on my roof.
    I have never had the login details for the RB on the callisto side. I know that dade and aquarat have logged into it in the...

    Madwand Yesterday, 23:04 Go to last post


    Madwand, could you please send me a login for your RB linking to Callisto, as well as your core RB (If you have one).

    Callisto side is done

    Jypels Yesterday, 22:19 Go to last post


    It is all done remotely via mac telnet.

    I Have just completed the routing on Callisto's side. Had a bit of a snag last night with the RB, where OSPF didnt want to list the RB on OSPF Neighbours. ...

    Jypels Yesterday, 22:07 Go to last post
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    All equipment is standard Wi-Fi equipment. CTWUG is built using wireless devices that operate on either the 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz free-to-air frequencies and as such no licenses are required. The CTWUG network works much like a small version of the internet. Many houses, buildings and high sites make up a mesh of interconnected nodes able to pass traffic along to the next, making it possible to connect all nodes on the network.

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